Give your Pal the best start in life

 Socialising your puppy between the ages of 7 to 12 weeks is crucial to their development and can help to avoid behavioural problems later in life.


Puppies go through many developmental stages during their first year as a part of your family and especially so in the first 4-5 weeks of having them.

Often we don't realise just how many things that appear normal to us can actually be extremely confronting and overwhelming to our pups. The sound of a vacuum, another animal or even a new food bowl can be frightening and trigger a fear that causes problems in later life. If we think about it, how would it feel to be taken away from our Mum and then plopped in front of a new feeding dish in a new kitchen and have new faces looking on at us. A bit scary...

By exposing our pals to a number of items and situations during these crucial first few weeks we can be confident in the know that we've given them an awesome start and helped to create an all rounded happy pooch. 

My Puppy Love service is an at home visit to provide practical advice on excellent socialisation methods as well as help with any other puppy needs such as toilet training and the use of positive reinforcement and how to implement it.



One off cost of £40 including ongoing phone support afterwards