Grace the Weimaraner

Grace likes lay ins, snuggles on the couch and anything that falls off your plate.

Maggie the Chocolate Labrador

Maggie likes all humans, green smoothies (funny story) and all things life

Cookie the Poodle

Cookie likes my boyfriend more than me, eating the lead and showing off to his mates with a swift “down!”

Duke the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Duke likes burnt burgers, pet rabbits and holds a world record for the time it takes to eat a tennis ball.

Benji the Rescue

Benji likes late night movies on the couch, sleeping on your shoulder and his cat sister who’s bigger than him.

Capone the Staffordshire Bull Terrior

Capone likes apples, anything that involves affection and riding up next to you in the car.

Rosco the Chocolate Labrador

Rosco likes to play fetch until the sun goes down, isn’t afraid to speak up and was a mermaid in a previous life.

Maisie the Collie

Maisie likes scratches under the chin, Marks and Spencer’s smoked salmon and positive people.

Mason the Akita

Mason likes anything he can stick his head into, getting underneath tables he is too big for and afternoon snacking.

Max the Cocker Spaniel

Max likes short walks, growling and wagging his tail at the same time and left over sandwich crusts.