Enjoy your holiday knowing that your Pal is happy and stress free

A dog placed into kennels can become stressed due to a new environment, foreign noises, a lack of normal routine and separation from their owner.

In an ideal world we'd have our pal strapped up in the plane seat next to us, sharing the latest issue of Glamour Mag and a vacation wine. Unfortunately this isn't reality and we can be faced with the challenging decision of what to do when we go on holiday.

Dogs are creatures of habit, they like familiarity and form expectations and schedules. Ever notice how they just know when you finish your morning coffee that it's time for a walk, even before you've picked up the lead?!

I provide a bespoke dog sitting service in the comfort of your Pals own home which helps to not only keep the experience as stress free as possible to your dog, but also provides peace of mind to you, the owner. Dogs pick up on our energy and by setting off on your travels in a positive frame of mind, comfortable in the know that your pal is being cared for, you'll help to make the time away a positive thing.

 Prior to my stay I like to meet the dog and their owner on a home visit. This is so I can be introduced to the dog in their home and avoid being seen as an intruder or stranger in the future. I will also be able to find out any information such as your dog's behaviour towards others dogs/humans/moving objects, their favourite reward and any other fun facts!



Per day for 1 dog including feeding, exercise and general affection £25

For additional dogs from the same household, + £10 per night


Please note that I am also available to take care of other pets such as cats, fish and horses during my stay and general house chores. Call me to discuss for more information.